‘Answered by Academics’ Showcases Creative Media’s Video Offering


The University of Birmingham is constantly publishing world-leading research. When Campaigns and Reputation came to Creative Media to showcase the University’s research, we knew we had a wide range of talent and tools to help.

The story:

Campaigns and Reputation felt that a media project was the best way to demonstrate Birmingham’s research excellence. The first stage of this project involved our creative team collaborating directly with the client on video ideas. After several discussions, ‘Answered by Academics’, featuring a University expert responding to questions from the public, was agreed as the best approach.

With an in-house film studio at our disposal, we were able to immediately get to work building a set. The team sourced props to create a realistic academic desk, framed against a bright backdrop.

On shoot day, the media team were on hand to offer technical expertise on lighting, direction, and sound recording.


The Answered by Academics project was a great opportunity to showcase our new video offering. Our media team collaborated with the client every step of the way, from brainstorming video concepts to editing the footage into its final form.

Due to the expertise and resourcefulness of our new media team, the client had the freedom to realise their creative vision.

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