Armani Conway

Armani Conway

Name: Armani Conway

Role: Specialist Content Producer (Design)

Experience: Designer for in-house agencies

Fun fact: Armani enjoyed a stint as a designer in sunny Jacksonville, Florida.

Armani joined Creative Media in January 2022. Prior to this, he worked for 7+ years in the creative industry as a designer. 

Armani describes himself as a ‘loud introvert’, and a practical, conceptual thinker who prides himself on being a team player. He has a valued ability to inspire other people in the team with fresh ideas.

As a specialist designer, Armani often takes on long-term projects and sees them from conception to fruition. Some of Armani’s favourite projects included the Game-Changing Birmingham ‘Out of Home’ campaign, where he designed a series of graphic screens and billboards around the city, and the fantastic tram wrap which raised awareness of the University’s cultural offering.

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