Developing a Tool to Help Care Workers Assist At-Risk Children


A researcher from the University of Birmingham’s College of Social Sciences had developed a tool to assist care workers in assessing the severity of at-risk children. We needed a website that would deliver information quickly to those workers.

Depressed poor girl standing near window

The Story:

Researchers at the University suggested the idea of hosting vital information regarding child safety – supported by academic research – online and in one easy-to-navigate location. Our challenge was to ensure that the site was both simple and clean in design, as well as setting the tone and severity of the content. It was also crucial that the site be fully accessible. This became the ‘Family and wider neglect measurement tool’.

Screenshot of the Child Neglect Measurement Tool website


This website is an important tool that affects real-world issues. As such, we had to take immense care during the design and development stages to make sure the information was as easy to find and digest as possible. Using a number of tools combined with keen user experience knowledge, care workers can now find exactly what they need in a hurry – and to top it off, the site scored 100% in accessibility through our online scanning software.

You can visit the Good Enough Care website now.

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