Graduations in Birmingham and Dubai

For these graduation ceremonies held in Birmingham and Dubai, we created programmes, tickets, and dressing – banners and signage.
Creative Media ensured that the rebrand of the University Degree Congregations felt like a collaborative process, while remaining true to the principles, look and feel of the new, cohesive University brand. We were presented with three concepts and had open discussions about which we liked and what we would change and the team were very receptive to our feedback. We ended up with the focus of the brand being a beautiful, gold illustration of ‘Old Joe’, which was a fantastic piece of work by Alice.  The fine details were very well thought out, from the time on the clock matching the ceremony time on tickets, and the clock counting down on the videos before the ceremony live feed.   The verbal feedback from staff over the graduation period was all positive, and the whole concept was very well received. The Funding, Graduation and Awards team look forward to working on new ideas for the summer period, using the brand to improve the look and feel of further aspects of graduations.
Jessica Bates, Student Services
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