How Our Design Work Helped the School of Biosciences

Our team of creatives are called on to deliver outstanding design, video and copy every day. But great work does more than just reflect well on Creative Media – it has tangible benefits for the University and its colleges.  

The School of Biosciences predict that they will meet their recruitment targets for this year. But how did Creative Media’s work help?

‘I’m delighted to report some positive news on student recruitment: we are projected to meet our recruitment target this year.  I’m sure your great help in the last year has been a factor in our improvement, namely those attractive four research banners you made us and the Instagram advert you designed, which brought hundreds of clicks to our website.’

Michael Tomlinson, School of Biosciences

Instagram advert

The School of Biosciences understands that relatable and real-life imagery of students encourages students to consider their courses. That’s why they asked Creative Media to collaborate on the image-led Instagram adverts which took prospective students on a journey of what they can expect to learn and experience as Birmingham students.

Research banners

Creative Media’s collaboration with the School of Biosciences continued with these research banners. Each of the four banners represented different research areas and incorporated real-life imagery of students.

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