Rebekah Pell

Rebekah Pell

Name: Rebekah Pell

Role: Content Producer (Design)

Experience: She’s been non-stop in the design world since graduation!

Becca hit the ground running after graduating from BCU. She went straight into a creative agency where she worked on a range of projects, including magazine design for The Business Influencer and event design for The Signature Awards. Her ability to see projects through from initial meetings to final products is one of her strongest suits –– which explains how she was able to successfully launch a perfume brand in Dubai!

Since joining Creative Media in November 2022, Becca has proven a valuable asset to the team – not only is she a strong team player, but she’s bursting with creative ideas. She’s thrived on recent interior design projects for Birmingham in Action and Pritchatts Park.  

Both outside of work and in the office, Becca loves to be social. She always likes to visit new places and always has a trip booked somewhere.

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