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Biosciences brochure opened to a page titled Discoveries every day

Bringing the School of Bioscience’s brochure to life

From molecules and organisms to their environments, Biosciences is an exciting area to study and is contributing to major advances in health, medicine and food security. The University of Birmingham’s new brand is the ideal tool to showcase the individuality and identity of Birmingham’s Colleges and Departments. Our multi-disciplinary team worked across design, photography, and

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COP28 report opened to a page titled Adaptation

COP28: A report for a changing world

COP28, held in Dubai, was where the world came together to address the climate crisis. The University of Birmingham’s researchers are at the forefront of efforts to tackle climate change. The report ‘Adaptation and building resilience in a changing world’ was an opportunity for Creative Media to help the University set out its policy briefs

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Bringing Graduation to Life

The University of Birmingham was home to 29 graduation ceremonies in July. Each of these events provided a chance for students to celebrate their hard work over the last few years alongside their family and friends. Creative Media was thrilled to bring these ceremonies to life! For those who couldn’t make it to the day,

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Interview with Marvel Star Elizabeth Henstridge

‘From student to superheroes: Elizabeth Henstridge’, Department of Alumni Relations Office (DARO) Back in February 2023, University of Birmingham alum Elizabeth Henstridge returned to campus for a Q&A with students. Since graduating from the Drama School, Henstridge has from from strength to strength – acting, directing and starring in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series. While

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Interview With Our Media Intern: Jamie Rushin

Jamie Rushin, a student on the University of Birmingham’s Film and TV: Research and Production MA, recently completed a 10-week internship at Creative Media. Read on to discover how Creative Media can help the careers of University of Birmingham students on this course. How did you hear about the Creative Media internship? The Research and

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Image of a script and storyboard for the Decarbonisation video

‘The Rail Revolution’: Our BCRRE Film

The Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) are advocating for the decarbonisation of rail amidst the rise in global temperatures. BCRRE came to Creative Media with the aim of promoting the University’s research on hybrid hydrogen trains. There are several problems with rail infrastructure in Africa, with electrified cables often being stolen and

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Two people sat across one another with recording equipment set up

Leadership Exchanged: A Pitch-Perfect Podcast

Creative Media is the best destination for podcasting. Not only are our media team equipped with pitch-perfect audio equipment, but they have the training to help you hit your mark.   When the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) approached us with a podcast brief, we knew we had the perfect opportunity to put our skills

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Dr Sarah Williams providing answers to social media questions.

‘Answered by Academics’ Showcases Creative Media’s Video Offering

Objective: The University of Birmingham is constantly publishing world-leading research. When Campaigns and Reputation came to Creative Media to showcase the University’s research, we knew we had a wide range of talent and tools to help. The story: Campaigns and Reputation felt that a media project was the best way to demonstrate Birmingham’s research excellence.

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