Wellbeing Walk Map a Success at Winterbourne

Winterbourne House & Garden is one of the finest cultural attractions offered by the University of Birmingham. An Edwardian-era house, operational printing press, and a sprawling botanical garden are among the sights to admire.

Citing research that green spaces are beneficial for an individual’s health, Winterbourne was eager to promote their site as a wellbeing space. Creative Media collaborated with Winterbourne to produce a ‘Wellbeing Walk’ map of the House & Garden.

Early stage illustration of the Winterbourne Map
Early-stage development of the Wellbeing Map

Our designer Adriana was a perfect fit for the project. She has years of experience in illustration and used a watercolour effect to highlight the tranquil nature of the site. Before the client briefing, she took the time to visit Winterbourne and do the wellbeing walk for herself.

Adriana impressed the client by showing early stages (or ‘scamps’) of the project as she began to digitally sketch her vision. This process allows for greater collaboration during the concepting stage, with the client able to guide the direction of the project.

Adriana holding up the illustrated map of Winterbourne
Visitors enjoyed being guided around Winterbourne with Adriana’s map

Both Creative Media and Winterbourne were immensely proud of Adriana’s work. Visitors enjoyed the wellbeing guide around the property, and better still, once they had completed their journey, there were able to plant the map in the ground thanks its seeded paper.

Adriana’s Insights:

“The weekend before working on this brief I went to Winterbourne and had a lovely stroll, some nice food and explored the house as well.

I remember the nice colours and how the sun was bright and lovely on that nice summer day so I had some nice visual memories that I thought I could express through a painting.”


The illustrated Winterbourne map sitting in a bed of pink flowers
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