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The front cover of Buzz Magazine being held up in front of a large dinosaur skeleton

Cover Story: How Buzz Roared into Life

Objective: 2022 was a ‘monster’ year for palaeontology at Birmingham. A study by Dr Stephan Lautenschlager found that the oval eye sockets of dinosaurs such as the T. rex could have evolved to absorb the impact of their astonishing bite as they pounced on prey. The University of Birmingham’s Buzz magazine was eager to highlight

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Designers Adriana (left) and Armani (right) in front of the tram wrap they designed during the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games to promote the cultural attractions of the University of Birmingham.

Creative Media on Track with Tram Success


Working on a tram wrap design posed new challenges for the design team. Large parts of the tram could not be artworked at all due to the presence of doors. But rather than being deterred, the team made the best of the tram limitations. Adriana incorporated a playful element with a dinosaur ‘popping out’ of the design, promoting the Lapworth Museum.

Working closely with the University’s cultural assets allowed us to gain great knowledge about their objectives and narratives. With this being reflected in the tram design, the huge audience visiting Birmingham over the summer were sure to have eyes on the University.

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