Creative Media on Track with Tram Success

Trams are more than just a vehicle for transport. They’re also an opportunity to promote our cultural assets around the city. When the University came to Creative Media with a tram wrap brief, it provided the perfect opportunity for our new design team to get to work on celebrating UoB’s cultural offering.


With many people visiting Birmingham from around the country (and, indeed, the world!) for the Commonwealth Games, there was a need to extend a ‘warm invitation’ to visit UoB’s cultural attractions. New visitors might not be aware of the breadth of cultural attractions the University offers.

The story

Creative Media has undergone some big changes recently, and this project posed the perfect opportunity for the new team to work on something bold and exciting.

The Design team nurtured the project from its inception, using scamps and sketches to work out the look and feel of the tram wrap. In these early planning stages, Armani trailed a bold stripe effect which mirrored the Game-Changing Birmingham campaign, which later became integral to the tram wrap design.

On the Editorial side, Creative Media understood the importance of copy in guiding audiences to the University. Each section of the tram had accompanying text which underlined the attraction on offer, while an overarching campaign slogan, ‘Open To All’, tied the project together with an inclusive message.


Working on a tram wrap design posed new challenges for the design team. Large parts of the tram could not be artworked at all due to the presence of doors. But rather than being deterred, the team made the best of the tram limitations. Adriana incorporated a playful element with a dinosaur ‘popping out’ of the design, promoting the Lapworth Museum.

Working closely with the University’s cultural assets allowed us to gain great knowledge about their objectives and narratives. With this being reflected in the tram design, the huge audience visiting Birmingham over the summer were sure to have eyes on the University.

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