Undergraduate prospectus 2025

Project 2025 undergraduate prospectus

Description An introduction to the University of Birmingham for prospective undergraduates

Created by Sam Maybin (Design) and Natalie Howard (Account Management)

Client Charlotte Dangerfield, Undergraduate Marketing Manager and Molly Reilly, Undergraduate Marketing Officer

‘Collaborative problem solving from the account manager and designer allowed us to come up with creative solutions to problems.

The account manager showed a very solid understanding of the purpose and requirements of the project. This informed the work throughout the project and allowed us to function as a joined-up team, ensuring that we were on the same page during all parts of the project. The schedule was well thought out and took account of key dates.

The designer also showed a very strong understanding of the project, and showed great creativity with integrating the new brand identity alongside our project requirements. The spreads inside the document look amazing, they tested well at focus groups with our target audience, and we have had lots of compliments.’

Molly Reilly, Undergraduate Marketing Officer
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