COP28: A report for a changing world

COP28, held in Dubai, was where the world came together to address the climate crisis. The University of Birmingham’s researchers are at the forefront of efforts to tackle climate change. The report ‘Adaptation and building resilience in a changing world’ was an opportunity for Creative Media to help the University set out its policy briefs on climate change. 


Our designer, Sam Maybin, was excited to get to work on the COP28 report. Sam was given free reign during the concept stage to create the look and feel of the project. A range of emotive concepts were proposed, including a focus on the urgency of the climate crisis; a human-focused concept; and a typographical design, which emphasised the new brand.

Our ‘hopeful’ concept, emphasising a lush landscape, was chosen by the client.

COP28 front cover
COP28 report opened to a page titled Health and environmental quality

Regarding the report’s spreads, Sam wanted to get across the idea that research could be boiled down into digestable points.

The report was printed on 100% FSC recycled paper by our in-house Print team. Stay tuned for more information on our sustainable print options.

Social videos

The client also collaborated with our media team to create short social videos for the project.

This project was one of the first videos to be created under the University’s new brand. This gave our Content Producer Chris Mogridge an opportunity to work the ‘lines of intent’ into the project, which he did with a revolving crest revealing climate imagery.

The project allowed for collaboration across media and design, as it was important for the video to align with Sam’s designs.

‘The COP28 report came at a very fortunate time for us, as the new University of Birmingham branding was just starting to roll out. The new brand is perfect for clear and sharp delivery of information, while also leaving plenty of room to display large, impactful visuals. This is the perfect combination for driving home important messaging.’

Sam Maybin,
Senior Content Producer – Digital

‘I’ve been impressed with how dynamic the brand is and how well it works across video. The COP28 social cuts were an opportunity to showcase what the brand does best: allowing the issue at hand to stand out.’

Chris Mogridge,
Senior Content Producer – Media

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