Bringing the School of Bioscience’s brochure to life

Front cover of Biosciences brochure

From molecules and organisms to their environments, Biosciences is an exciting area to study and is contributing to major advances in health, medicine and food security.

The University of Birmingham’s new brand is the ideal tool to showcase the individuality and identity of Birmingham’s Colleges and Departments. Our multi-disciplinary team worked across design, photography, and copywriting to allow Biosciences to jump off the page.

Creative Media’s brief was to create a brochure for the School of Biosciences. Our client, Michael Tomlinson, wanted prospective students visiting Birmingham to come away with with relatable real-life imagery, student stories, and information on facilities – all in an engaging, physical package.

Biosciences brochure opened to a page titled At the forefront of virus surveillance


We proposed a fresh photoshoot for the brochure, to showcase the School’s staff, students and cutting-edge facilities. With the help of Michael, Klaus and the whole School of Biosciences team, Alice (design) and Amy (media) spent a jam-packed day shooting on location at the School of Biosciences. We thought it was important to capture actual researchers from the School, so prospective students would be able to recognise their tutors.

We started by working with Professor Luisa Orsini, capturing her research into the ‘Daphnia’ water flea. We used real microscopic imagery of the water fleas to illustrate the spreads. We brought Dr Estrella Luna-Diez’s research to life by photographing her investigating plants with her fellow researchers. Next, we directed staff and PhD students in the School’s Fly Facility to showcase their equipment. Professor Hansong Ma’s research into flies is so visually arresting that it even made the front cover (note the colourful swirls, which is actually genetic material from a fly). Finally, we photographed biological materials (tomatoes, dandelions) in our own studio in Creative Media. Amy’s incredible macro photography highlighted the intricate beauty of biosciences.

Amy’s bespoke photography equipped the School of Biosciences with a bank of compelling imagery to use in web and social content to help support their marketing efforts.

Design and copywriting

Like all of our projects, collaboration was integral from the start. We emphasised the appeal of full-bleed imagery, which would showcase the photography to its fullest extent. We took the School of Biosciences through the University’s new brand, explaining how the new typography and ‘lines of intent’ would work. Alice’s spreads struck the perfect balance, showcasing eye-catching imagery while giving the stories space to breathe.

Our copywriter, Jack, pitched snappy titles to go along with the research articles. These were well-received by client, who complimented his ability to find a catchy hook in the research.

‘I am happy to report that the brochure has received rave reviews from students and staff. At Open Day, I was struck by how much the student ambassadors were reading it, as well as the visitors who took away a good chunk of the 500 we had printed.

Dr Michael Tomlinson

School Communications Lead
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