Open Day 2023: Putting Creative Media On The Map

Ahead of the summer Undergraduate Open Day, the University’s Student Recruitment team approached Creative Media to produce an interactive map for prospective students.

During the concept stage, our designers Alice and Adriana collaborated with Jon Hunter, Molly Reilly and Charlotte Dangerfield from the UG Student Recruitment Marketing team. The design brief called for the map to ‘tell a story about the buildings on campus’. With this considered, a number of routes were considered which emphasised the University’s buildings.

In this illustrated option, our heritage buildings are the focal point. These buildings can be used as landmarks to help prospective students navigate campus.

This island-style option is designed to emphasise the community feel of campus. Prospective students often highlight the ‘village feel’ of the campus as a selling point for the University – many of the other Russell Group universities do not have a centralised campus.

Following this concept stage, Alice and Adriana settled on a map with iconic buildings highlighted using a friendly and relatable illustrated style.

To create the illustrations, Alice and Adriana toured the campus and took photographs of the buildings. They then used these pictures as a basis for the vivid illustrations that are now plotted on the map.

Our client, Charlotte, was very happy with the project and is looking forward to Open Day, when students will be using Creative Media’s illustrations to plot their journey.

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