Cover Story: How Buzz Roared into Life


2022 was a ‘monster’ year for palaeontology at Birmingham. A study by Dr Stephan Lautenschlager found that the oval eye sockets of dinosaurs such as the T. rex could have evolved to absorb the impact of their astonishing bite as they pounced on prey. The University of Birmingham’s Buzz magazine was eager to highlight this research in their cover story: ‘Uncovering T. rex’s jaw-dropping bite’.

The story:

Buzz’s cover story inspired our designer, Alice, to create this striking design for their November/December issue. Alice took inspiration from the article, using a mysterious close-up of a T. rex eye to engage the audience to read further. She experimented with colour treatment, flooding the cover with orange, to make the magazine ‘pop’ around campus.

The creative process involved collaboration with Buzz’s Matt Collins, trading ideas and producing mock-ups, before the final design was approved.

The front cover of Buzz Magazine, Nov-Dec 2022, being held up in front of a large dinosaur skeleton.


‘I really enjoyed turning the cover story into a visual piece.’ – Alice, Content Producer

Alice thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Matt throughout the design process.

It also gave her an opportunity to work closely with Creative Media’s Print team, based in King’s Norton. She worked with Print on-site to ensure her experimental colour treatment worked out, and she was thrilled with the results.

The inside spreads were also a success…

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