Leadership Exchanged: A Pitch-Perfect Podcast

Creative Media is the best destination for podcasting. Not only are our media team equipped with pitch-perfect audio equipment, but they have the training to help you hit your mark.  

When the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) approached us with a podcast brief, we knew we had the perfect opportunity to put our skills to use.


CoSS’s brief was to create an engaging podcast series promoting the Birmingham Leadership Institute, with the goal of reaching academics, policy makers, and charity leaders in the UK and abroad. The series would consist of six episodes, each being an interview with a leader addressing complex problems and disrupting systems in the world. The interview would be published as both an audio file and a video, giving audiences the choice to pick their medium.

The Story

The Birmingham Leadership Institute is based at The Exchange, ‘the University’s home in the city centre’. This felt like the perfect location to shoot the podcast, with the beautiful location paying visual endorsement to the Institute. The media team scoped out locations within The Exchange and chose a wood-panelled boardroom at the heart of building for its aesthetic value and its sound capabilities. Chris and Amy from the media team arrived before the client to set up equipment and test for lighting/blocking.

Because we’re Creative Media, we always try to add more value for our clients. Chris captured exterior shots of The Exchange to create a compelling introduction for the series. This included a motion graphic reading ‘LEADERSHIP EXCHANGED’ which served as a title card. Armani got to work designing covers for the audio files, which have been spotted around campus promoting the series.


The Leadership Exchanged series has already outperformed metrics for podcast success, indicating a fantastic audience response. CoSS were similarly thrilled with our output, praising the comfortable environment we created for their subjects.

We’re excited to go even further with our podcast offering, including using our in-house audio suite.

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